Burning Ambition



"… So people are making fun of Cho… That reminds of when I would have Anji use him as a broom and sweep the floor when he stepped out of line a few times after he first joined. Good times."


"No way…he was actually used as a broom?" Kana says in disbelief, "You must know him really well, right? What else can you tell be about him?" What better way can the child find out embarrassing stuff about her father than from others? She kept a straight face, but on the inside, she was ginning from ear to ear.

"Hmm? Why yes I do know him rather well." He comments with a slight smirk. "As for anything else… Let’s see, there was this one time he got so drunk he thought arm wrestling with Fuji was a smart move… Needless to say he was taken off active duty for a few weeks afterwards to let his arm recover.Then there was the time he thought he could get away with poking fun at Iwanbo’s weight. Strangely enough that was pretty much the only to get him mad and not when you make fun of his intellect but I digress. Yumi and I found them in the hall with Iwanbo sitting on him and he wouldn’t get off until he apologized." Oh Shishio was having too much fun now.



"… So people are making fun of Cho… That reminds of when I would have Anji use him as a broom and sweep the floor when he stepped out of line a few times after he first joined. Good times."


    “Sh-Shishio-sama!! Why?!

"What? You didn’t try to steal my Mugenjin after he did it a few times so it clearly worked." At this point it’s hard to tell if Shishio was serious or he was just messing around with poor Cho.

"… So people are making fun of Cho… That reminds of when I would have Anji use him as a broom and sweep the floor when he stepped out of line a few times after he first joined. Good times."

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"Heh heh I would certainly hope our recruits would be smarter than that but then Houji can’t always find good choices I suppose." Shishio chuckled a bit, smirk growing as he saw the smile form, a smile he knew very well. In many ways Shishio was proud of the young man, he had become a symbol of his philosophy. Under his wing Soujirou went from a doormat abused by his adoptive family with no courage to fight back to becoming the strongest of the Juppongatana, his most lethal underling. While he lacked the raw physical power of Anji nor did he have the ‘Mind’s Eye’ of Usui with his Shukuchi and closed off heart Soujirou was most lethal, being able to catch up with Okubo’s moving carriage while on foot and even skilled swordsmen could not read his moves. "Hmm… I will leave it to you to decide Soujirou. Should you decide to kill them though I do request that you do so in a manner that would send a message to any other would-be conspirators." He answered his question with his own dark smirk growing.

Soujirou beamed. Shishio was entrusting the task entirely to him, and he was happy to accept. There was no need for his master to personally step forward to deal with a few rebellious recruits, who he was sure would be no match for Shishio’s strength. “I understand! Please leave them to me. I’m sure Shishio-san has more important matters to attend to.”

Shishio let another chuckle escape him as he noted Soujirou beaming about him leaving the fate of the potential traitors in his hands. It was a practical decision on his part, of all the Juppongatana Soujirou was one of the best choices for performing efficient slayings. Fuji was too large and would draw needless attention, Anji was only allied with him, only seeing him as a potential aid in his own mission to cleanse the world of evil and would have taken much convincing. Usui, while skilled enough, would be more problematic than it would be worth. Iwanbo was simply an idiot who could not be relied on for such a task. Most of the other Juppongatana in one way or another would be ill-suited for something like assassination but not Soujirou. “Heh, good I entrust this mission to you. Go meet with Houji and he will tell you all the information needed. I look forward to hearing of your success.” He responded with a smirk, confident that he would succeed.

Many have entered the flames


[ makoto shishio ]

"My my, what a diverse group." Shishio noted, smirking a bit as his crimson eyes turned from one face to the next, some he recognized and some he did not. "Let’s see, members of the Oniwabanshu, the fighter for hire who wrecked my Rengoku, even some of the Wolves of Mibu have come. Perhaps to try and claim the head of Shishio Makoto?" He mused, smirk not fading, "Yet there are others I do not recognize, some even have unusual appearances and clothing…" He continued, eyes narrowed slightly in curiosity, perhaps even caution but still he radiated confidence and authority with his gaze. "To what do I owe the pleasure of such interesting guests?"

〖御頭〗 Misao stood still in her place as the low, hoarse and strangely familiar voice crept on her ears, echoing in the back of her head and leaving her motionless. She wasn’t exactly scared, even though she didn’t ignore what the person was capable of. But the shock and surprise took up all her attention. Her eyes did not lie yet she couldn’t bring herself to believe them. ❝I wasn’t expecting to find you.❞ She replied finally, the words slipping from her lips with care, for she didn’t want to give too much away about her mission. ❝I wasn’t expecting to find anyone at all, for the matter.

"Hmm? Ah yes, I remember you now. You were that girl with Battousai and Saito in the village. And yes, it seems not many have been expecting me lately." Shishio mused with a slight smirk as he twirled his pipe a few times. In all honesty Shishio was a bit impressed that this girl was keeping her cool, she truly is of the Oniwabanshu. "I am curious, now that you’ve found me, are you going to attempt to stop me and my ambitions here? Or will you back out of this potential fight?" He questioned, smirk growing a bit as his other hand rested idly upon the hilt of his sword almost as if he was daring the girl to try and take him down.

A Dangerous Foe Returns! Sanosuke’s Life or Death Struggle!



Shishio smirked a bit as he observed Sanosuke, the boy did seem a bit better since Shishio had his battle with Battousai. Perhaps it was because the other wasn’t injured like last time as Shishio had figured, he knew no one, not even Himura or Saitou would have been able to walk away from a fight with Anji unscathed if they were able to walk away at all. Or maybe the other had gone through some trials since that day. Either way Shishio could feel the lust for battle bubble up from deep within. “You definitely still have a nice bark… Let’s see if your bite has gotten any better!” He sneered wide as he looked at Sanosuke, crimson eyes almost glowing with both his desire for battle and the madness that he held deep inside.

〖悪〗Sano’s heart was pounding in his chest. He had chosen to go and see if the rumors were true without letting anyone know. Now, he was paying for his carelessness. His words backed him into a corner he couldn’t get out of unless he fights. Before, he would have leapt at this chance; now, he was hesitant, but refused to show it on his face. Those eyes were shining with the desire for a fight, and also showed the madness within. Sano’s used to, but now, he was a husband, a father. To rush into a fight, where he could get killed without them even knowing…

Cold determination showed on his face, his brown eyes revealing nothing but a deathly seriousness. ”Ya wanna go? …Fine, let’s do this.”


Shishio cracked his neck a few times smirk never leaving as his gaze stayed locked on the other. He calmly drew Mugenjin from its sheath, “Ah Mugenjin… You’ve been waiting for the day you can once more emerge from your sheath as well haven’t you?” He mused to his lethal blade, the air around him already starting to gain the subtle smell of the human fats and oils that the blade had been soaked in so that he could produce flames. “Last time I only used my fist. This time I’ll let you have honor of feeling the fiery bite of Mugenjin much like Battousai and Saito did!” He declared before dashing forward, once more showing his impressive speed for a man who was covered with burns across his whole body. As he charged he dragged the tip of his sword along the ground, igniting the oils and fats on the sword causing a roaring flame to form along the blade, “Ichi no Hiken: Homura Dama!” He declared as he then swung the blade up, aiming to try and cut Sanosuke along his chest.

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